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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Our solution uses quantitative and qualitative methods to define the current and future state of your security environment in a complete Cyber Security Risk Assessment. We determine how your organization maps to best practices, along with the steps needed to get to the next level of security, and maintain a robust security environment as change occurs. A Cyber Security Risk Assessment identifies deficiencies and correlates them to practical solutions.

Data Loss Prevention Technical Assessment

The security industry has evolved to the point where data can now be granularly tracked, monitored, blocked and reported. With so many forms of connectivity mobile devices, emails, spreadsheets, computer desktops, etc., it is difficult to know where your data is and who has access to it. Cyberdor’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Technical Assessment will address your organization’s need to more tightly control data, and to know where data is from creation to modification and transport, and finally to storage and destruction. Cyberdors helps you gain an understanding of how information moves into and out of your organization and will develop policies and procedures, in addition to providing the necessary tools to control your data leakage problems.

Application Security Assessment

Our Application Security Assessment is designed to meet best practices for application security. Industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and Red Flag require application security testing. Cyberdors can also assess custom-designed items such as web applications and commercial applications to eliminate back door vulnerabilities.


Digital Infrastructure


We provide businesses with top notch business logo’s and themes to their specific requirements. We design portfolios/profiles, business cards, flyers/brochures, email signatures and other related brand identity materials.

Website Development

From e-commerce to intranet and front-end sites, all of our websites are custom built to produce the best possible results. A website should be treated as a core marketing tool, not an extra.

APP Development

Cyberdors developers are experts in web and mobile app development across platforms including iOS and Android. Our integrated approach involves content specialists working closely with user-experience designers, and developers to create unique and engaging applications. We conduct comprehensive research into your target market to ensure your brand apps are useful, engaging and have longevity.

Digital Agency

Integrated Marketing

Online Advertising

Bring your brand to a targeted, custom built audience with influencers. An effective campaign can easily reach 500 000+ viewers and has incredible power. Cyberdors will identify the best platforms and mediums for your online advertising campaign. Our skilled media partners manage and negotiate ad placements ensuring your campaign reaches the right people and drives quality traffic to your digital properties. Whether you need a hard working mailer, an interactive banner, or a slick contextual advert for your social media or PPC advertising, Cyberdors will conceptualize, design, plan, place, buy, monitor, optimize and report to ensure maximum return on investment.

Public Relations

New public relations is a powerful combination of traditional and digital PR. In today’s media landscape, your brand needs smart digital communications to complement offline outputs. At Cyberdors, we have an intelligently disruptive approach not only to get people talking about your brand online and offline, but boosting discoverability across channels to meet and convert your target market.

Marketing Automated

Cyberdors understands our clients’ need for digital marketing to boost their bottom line. By using intelligent marketing automation software, Cyberdors can analyze behavioral data to deliver personalized content to engage users along their journey and nurture leads along into the sales funnel. It means better insights into potential customers and empowering your sales team with viable leads that actually turn into sales.